Try not to get your banig wet as it will affect the quality of the grass. If you do happen to spill your water (aka wine), wipe immediately with a clean cloth and lie flat to dry completely before storing. In saying this, if your dog or toddler does do a piddle, hose down immediately and lie flat to fully dry before storing. No one wants a pee stained banig!

Once dried after being wet the mat will naturally curl and buckle. We recommend the old roll it up, reverse then repeat method: Rolling one way then the other repeatedly until the banig returns to its normal shape. When not in use, roll it up and keep somewhere safe from mould. This will keep your mat clean and also prevent it getting overexposed by too much sun. 

Once your banig starts to look a little shabby and you no longer want it in your life, simply cut it up and throw it in your compost, keep it as kindling, or use it in your chicken pen. Being dried grass, it is suitable for all those fantastic things, if not more.

Caring for your Zero Waste Kit. Hand wash your cutlery set contents and coconut bowls only. Then towel dry and simply sit them prettily in the rack for all to admire. And use your scrubby to clean them! Just hang up your cutey jutey to dry in between washes

Special note on coconut bowls - avoid extreme temperatures or they will crack it! And rehydrate with coconut oil for a longer lasting use. 

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