What is a Banig?

Pronounced ‘Buh-nig.’

Alright, let me spin you a yarn about the humble Banig.

Back in the day, when the Philippines was just a wee little archipelago, folks didn't have the fancy-schmancy beds we have now. No, sir! They slept on Banigs - a traditional woven mat made from sturdy materials like dried leaves, such as pandan, buri, or tikog.

These Banigs were more than just a place to catch some Z's. They are multi-functional, baby! You could use them as a makeshift picnic blanket, roll them up and carry them like a backpack, or even use them to winnow rice.

As time went on, these trusty Banigs became a symbol of Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship. Skilled weavers would spend hours creating intricate designs and patterns, each one unique and beautiful in its own way.

And Banigs didn't just stay in the Philippines either. They traveled far and wide, becoming a popular export and a favorite souvenir for tourists visiting the islands.

But Banigs aren't just a thing of the past, oh no. They're still very much a part of modern Filipino culture. You can find them in homes, markets, and even fancy hotels. They're a reminder of simpler times and a connection to the rich history of the Philippines.